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American Jeans. Photo: Pexels.

Denim nowadays has been one iconic fashion that can be used by anyone for any kinds of occasion, different with back then when it was first made. The spread of denim automatically impacts on how many manufacturers who produce denim as its main product. Even so, not many people know that there are many American made jeans brands that produce high-quality denim. Wonder which is they? Let’s take a look here. [click to continue…]

Red Plaid Shirts For Men. Photo: Wikimedia.

Plaid shirts have been one of the most favorite top outfits. Plaid shirts are not only popular among the grown-up men, but they are also popular among kids and teenagers. Men and women, both of them love wearing plaid shirts, especially in some casual occasion. Definitely, plaid shirts for men and women, for adults and kids would be different. Women’s plaid shirts would be curvier than the plaid shirts for men, indeed. For the plaid shirts themselves, they are available in many different kinds, styles, designs, and also materials. Usually, the most common plaid shirts for men are flannels, but there also some other plaid shirts for men that are available in the market. [click to continue…]

Dark Cocktail Dress With Sleeves. Photo: Wikimedia

To bring modesty, going out with cocktail dresses with sleeves would be a perfect way. Covering the shoulders and upper arms is a great way to draw attention to other parts of the body and be modest in any situation. Cocktail dresses with sleeves will also be a great choice for a chilly night, with the three-quarter length sleeves and knitted materials. Wearing cocktail dresses with sleeves will also be suitable for some different occasions, from casual, semi-formal, until formal. [click to continue…]

Outfit Idea For Girls. Photo: PxHere.

If I may say here, cute outfit for girls is suitable for teenagers. It shows that the girl’s characteristic is young, not young but somewhere between young and childish. Not all girls over 20 are interested in this style. On their 20s, girls like to be more stylish and sexy. But not all of them, some girls like to be cute and childish. The cute style is not very popular in America and Europe. Only a few celebrities apply this style such as Katy Perry once look cute with her candy-themed outfit, and even paint her hair pink. Cute outfit for girls more popular in Asia. Japanese and Korean celebrities are very well known for their cute style. Almost all Korean and Japanese stars (mostly singers) like to wear cute outfit for girls. [click to continue…]

Short Black Evening Dress. Photo: Wikimedia

From work parties to wedding receptions, women need cocktail dresses for formal and semi-formal events. However, shopping for a cocktail dress can be frustrating if one has no starting point or frame of reference. Some may tend towards the same old classic look they have always worn while others may blindly follow the latest trend, regardless of whether it suits their body type. Neither approach is ideal. [click to continue…]